Welcome to this website www.hypancistrus.dk
This website is made to share my hobby passion for specially L-catfishes named Hypancistrus,Discus & other tropical fishes for other aquarist, and hopefully it inspirer other´s to go out and try the Discus fish & catfishes Hypancistrus.
The site will be ready ...

Passion for L numbers

I have a huge love for the hobby and my vision is that it has to be fun & easy to have tropical fish, but also challenging to nurse and care for these and get water parameters to be optimal for breeding project´s.

Hypancistrus.dk always striving towards the best Hypancistrus/Catfishes, that’s the reason that we go to the breeder’s farm, to handpick the best quality. In that way we can satisfy our own demands for beautiful Catfishes.


Direct from the source




By getting the Catfishes direct from the breeder, We can make sure we know what type and genetic the Catfishes is from and that all is in top quality.

See photo Album it speak for it self.